Image of Benny Gold Art Series

Benny Gold Art Series - $69.00

Benny Gold is literally a streetwear icon - lending his design prowess to such companies as Huf, Mash, Stussy, JanSport, Gravis, Carhartt Europe, Nike, Adidas, Real Skateboards, Ipath and DVS footwear to name a few. This in addition to his own Benny Gold brand of clothing and accessories has made the artist a notable fixture in the skateboarding and street wear world.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to offer the Benny Gold x Material6 collaboration Art Series back, which features a laser-engraved native design from the Valencia Collection in Curly Figured Cherry. A larger image can be found here.

Comes with one complete pre-assembled iPhone 4/4S replacement back, limited edition packaging, illustrated instruction guide, Pentalobe screwdriver, #00 Phillips-head screwdriver (if needed) and screen protector.